Die Brücke e.V Founded in 2004, co-operation with partners from the Czech Republic was the primary objective. The goal was to use educational activities to develop and promote co-operation between schools. The association remains dedicated to this task today. Constant co-operation with partners in Bohemia has succeeded in changing both tasks and content. Today Die Brücke not only works with schools, but also with children and youth work establishments as well as further organisations on the Czech side pursuing the same goals. Die Brücke has been a recognised agency for independent children and youth support organisations since 2008. This step was a sensible and necessary one, as the focus of the association activities had shifted more towards the field of informal education. The association is now active across Europe. Together with the co-operation partner Institut für lebenslanges Lernen of FORTIS-FAKULTAS GmbH we offer training for staff in early childhood education in several European countries.. Die Brücke will also continue to offer interested individuals the opportunity to participate in intercultural events in the future.